Opening Night Is Approaching

The opening night of our play is just around the corner. We’ve been planning and rehearsing since December. Everyone’s a little nervous about the first performance but, as the director, I think I am the most nervous of all.

Everyone keeps telling me I have nothing to worry about. All the costumes are completed, we have our bridal makeup artist Manchester, the sets are done being painted and all lines are memorized. But I can’t help feeling like I’m forgetting something. I guess that’s probably normal.

David wants to take me out to dinner tonight so I can try to relax. I haven’t done anything for myself since rehearsals began. All I have done is eat, sleep and breath “The Sound Of Music.”

I’m not sure eating out is going to cut it, though. I think I’m going to tell him that I require a lot of wine and quite possibly a day at the spa too.

Targeted Traffic For Your Website

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One Day On Summer Break

Hi, I’m Tamara and I have a story I want to tell you. It all started during summer break a few months ago. I had the perfect summer planned, I was going to work, hangout with friends, and participate in the circus workshops (There is very little to do in my town.). Babysitting for the Lawson’s was a great summer job , but after work me and my crew would find something to do.

On,one of our trips to we went to Club Live, Jamie, Michael, Sarah, and George, were dressed to impressed. Once we were onside the club we immediately begin dancing and drinking. A few hours later my friends left but I chose to stay with Byron, he was 24, six foot five, and muscle. I thought he was all that. I went to the lady room and returned to a,long island ice tea, then soon after I remember much. I woke up the next morning with scratches and bruises all over my body. I manage to walk home, despite being in pain, and found my parents to be upset, but after seeing my face mom grab the car keys and took me to the hospital. The doctor ran several test and told me I was okay . He also said many rape victims are not as blessed as I was. During the drive back home I started to thinking what would of happen if I left with my friends or if I had not went to that club at all.

Vacation Deadline

I failed to see the new overly hyped science fiction movie “Sharknado” when it debuted earlier this month. Despite not seeing the film it was pretty clear to see what the story was about. A group of man eating killer sharks were sucked up into a tornado and cut a patch across the United States eventually being conquered by Tara Reid and the guy from Beverly Hills 90201.

I’m fairly certain that I’ll never live to see a sharknado but I do believe that I can feel the pain suffered by the victims of those silent killers when I suffered “computer crashnado” just before leaving for vacation. With a checklist a mile long to do list and non refundable airfare looming over my internal clock I received the “Blue screen of death”. Work needed to be done a final PowerPoint presentation needing editing and I needed to call the NCR books rep.

Thank goodness for a support group and my IT guy. The geek squad has nothing on Aaron the helpdesk dude. I don’t think homeboy has any idea of how much stress he saved me with four mouse clicks and a diagnostic screening. Vegas was waiting and Aaron doesn’t know it yet but there will be a souvenir shot glass with this name all over it.

Regular Cooling System

It’s warm in this part of the country, even during the holiday season. Air conditioning Manchester is a must have for every home or office, just ask my neighbor. His family always makes sure that their central cooling system is updated seasonally. They have lived here several years, so nobody needs to tell them how important regular maintenance is to any hard working cooling device. It seems like someone is always on their rooftop every few months. This is the best way to make sure that your equipment is running efficiently and never breaks down in an emergency. By doing this regularly for any home, office, or other important place you own, your family will avoid unnecessary costs each year. My neighbor and his family are a great example of how to keep cool during every season. This year, I will be following their example and keeping my cooling system maintained.